Working in partnership with leading manufacturer Stannah Stairlifts, Independence 2011, as exclusive supplier of Stannah Stairlifts within New Zealand, has been changing people’s lives giving them back their independence to go upstairs and enjoy the home they love. 
Are you finding moving throughout different levels of your home and/or garden a bit harder these days?

Is it difficult for you to get up and down your stairs these days?

Maybe as a result of a recent change in your health or because of a health disability, access throughout your home is now challenging?
Of course you want to stay in the home you love, you want to keep your independence

A Stannah Stairlift from Independence 2011 may be the answer!

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is a specially designed chair, that sits on a fixed rail track on a staircase. A person can sit on the chair and travel between floors. Stairlifts can be used on most stairwells, indoors or outdoors. The chair itself can fold up against the wall when it is not being used so that other people can walk up and down the stairs easily.
Offering a fully custom-made system designed to suit any décor whilst incorporating high quality design which is manufactured to International Safety Standards and complies with New Zealand building code legislation.  

Several staircase configurations are achievable, with the rail being fixed direct to the stair treads and not the wall. A Stannah Stairlift can be fitted on all kinds of stairs, be it straight or curved, narrow or wide, indoors or outdoors. Installed by qualified lift technicians, there is no unnecessary extra builders work required and stairlift units can be fitted on all kinds of stairs be it straight and curved, narrow or wide, indoors and outdoors.  

Choose from a variety of chair options as not all staircases are the same, just as every home and every persons needs are different. 

The Journey

From the moment you phone us to make an appointment, you’ll have our complete attention. And that lasts right through consultation, installation, maintenance, servicing and repairs if you ever need them. See the complete Stannah Stairlift process for a curved stairlift installation in this short video.
For more information, give us a call today!

Independence 2011 is a proud member of the Easie Living facility partner program

Every New Zealander deserves to live the most productive and fulfilling life they can. 

Families living with disability or with an ageing family member are looking for more information, advice and products to assist their loved ones to make more of each day.

The  Easie Living and Demonstration Centre delivers just that and is built around five foundation pillars:
  • Equipment
  • Advice
  • Services
  • Information 
  • Education
View of a stair lift chair
View of a stair lift chair
Developed by the team at Enable NZ and working with the support of facility partners the centre offers an exciting and innovative accessible model home alongside a learning and demonstration centre. “A one stop shop” the community can share.

Facility partners display and demonstrate their products within the Centre, offer a “hands on” opportunity to identify solutions within a real life environment. Support personnel are available to offer impartial advice about what equipment options might best suit ones needs.

Easie Living Centre
585 Main street
Palmerston North

Open 6 days a week to the public

The Easie Living house is interactive and offers a number of equipment trial opportunities for all aspects of the home. Independence 2011 has a working stairlift demonstration system were visitors can see a unit in operation and have the opportunity to take a demonstration ride on the stairlift too. Trained advisors will assist with questions onsite and arrangements can be made to get an Independence representative to visit you at home and discuss solution options.
Independence have installed 2 stair lifts for us. We received helpful, practical and timely advice about the types of stair lift we should install. The installation was carried out very professionally and efficiently. Any subsequent queries about the operation of the stair lifts have been positively and promptly dealt with. Overall their service has been excellent. We are also comforted by the fact that they are readily available to attend to any future maintenance needs." 
- Mr Johns, Wellington
"My old Stannah had serviced me for almost 30 years, so why change to another product, instead I upgraded to a new model. I am extremely pleased with my new stairlift, it is helping me stay in my home and is a great help, almost a friend."
- Mrs Hutchinson,  Auckland
"I can now go up and down stairs when I need to, instead of putting things off and only doing them when I go up to bed. "
- Mrs Pebbles – Auckland

Take control of your stairs and stay in the home you love. Fit in a Stannah Stairlift!          
Call 0800 92 66 77 

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