Not all people are the same, not all homes are the same and that’s why we make sure we have a range of stairlifts to suit. Our stairlifts have been designed to blend seamlessly with your interior. Whether you live in a classic or contemporary home, or if you have a straight or curved staircase, we will help find the right rail system and chair option for you.
Rail System Options
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cChair Options
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Outdoor Stairs
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Why Choose Stannah?

Rail System Options

Curved or Straight Stairs?

Sounds very simple and often this is the case.

Basically the type of staircase in your home will have an impact on the type of rail system you will need, its cost and how long it will take us to deliver and install your stairlift. When a sales representative visits they will assess your staircase and explain the options we can offer.
Straight Rails
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The right stairlift can help you safely use the stairs and give you the energy to do more enjoyable things in life. Popping downstairs to get your glasses or upstairs to the bathroom will become a simple task again. Our straight rail system, designed for straight stairs with no intermediate landings or changes in direction, offers a discrete slim-line rail with a concealed rack, no visible screws or fixings and is easy to keep clean. In addition, the chair can park at any point on the stairs when not in use leaving landings clear from obstruction.
Curved Rails
View of a stair lift chair
Choosing the right stairlift is about understanding the needs and wants of the client while also understanding the most efficient rail design appropriate to the home environment. The Stannah curved rail system is designed to be installed on staircases that have landings. The system can offer flexible options for increased sense of safety or ease of use, such as start and finish options away from the stairs. The custom-made twin rail design, uniquely designed for each staircase, offers a snug rail fit with excellent stability and smooth stable cornering throughout travel.
Wondering which rail option will best fit your staircase?

Chair Options

Cushioned Seat – Our Siena chair offers a unique curved back which is generously upholstered in hard wearing vinyl and boasts 5 modern upholstery colour choices.
Choose your seat – Available with a standard seat sizing or a wider seat for a more comfortable ride, let us know what suits you.
Easy folding away– Simply fold the arms, then the seat and as you do the footrest will automatically rise at the same time, no unnecessary need to bend down to fold up the footrest.
Narrow stairs? No problem – Our discreet slim-line rail, designed to conceal and protect the racking on the rail ensures a close fit to the side of the stairs. The rail can also be cut flush with the upstairs landing to avoid a tripping hazard.

Added Comfort – We add a slight backwards pitch to the Starla chair, which gives you extra comfort and adds to your safety.
Easy In, Easy Out –An optional upgrade feature is the footrest fold button which consists of the footrest being able to be raised and lowered with the push of a button, making it easier for you to get in and out of the chair at landings.
Extra Safety – The hand control will not move the stairlift unless you are seated on the seat. In other words, it won’t budge an inch until you’re properly seated. (You can still move the unloaded stairlift using the remote control).
Plenty of Options – Choose from a variety of upholstery options, styles and colours including wood trim. What would look best in your home?

Choose from a range of upholstery – Solus offers a range of modern fabrics, leathers and vinyls. You can choose what would look best in your home.
Practical and simple to use – featuring a comfortable and supportive seat, and easy-to-use seatbelt.
One-step fold-away function – Pull up the Solus arms and the seat and footrest follow, folding flat to leave even more space of your stairs.
Designed with safety in mind – features a seat-safety sensor and built-in control key will ensure the seat will not move unless you are properly seated, safety is important.
Neat, elegant and tidy – Sofia features a fold-flat chair that leaves your hallway spacious.
Designed with comfort in mind – Sofia is generously upholstered with a cushioned back and padded seat. In addition choose from a variety of upholstery choices, colours and styles.
Safe and Secure control pod - To control your stairlift you gently move the control pod to operate your stairlift. The pod also has a key to lock your stairlift when not in use. The seat width and height can be tailored to suit you perfectly.
Easy to use swivel levers – Use the levers or optional automatic one way or two way swivel, to get off your stairlift in the safest position at the top or bottom of your stairs.
Optional Accessory: Plastic Coated Wire Basket 
Custom designed locally and unique to Independence 2011 customers, the optional large wire basket is ideal for taking linen and other items such as groceries, linen and shopping up the stairs.   Ask for more information about our basket when we visit. 

"I especially want to recommend the usefulness of the large wire basket which fits onto the stairlift and enables me to use the chair as a dumb waiter. It safely carries bulky load such as groceries, linen, food, wine, 10kg bag of cat biscuits and bulk food which family bring for family gatherings. Its applications are unlimited and with the combination of the remote controls at the top and bottom of out staircase, we have a highly successful operation."
- Mrs. C. Robertson, Dunedin
Optional Feature: Retractable Rail 
Some homes may have an obstacle at the bottom of the stairs, such as a doorway or passageway which would mean the fitting of a stairlift could cause a tripping hazard. To overcome this we can offer a Retractable Rail System, which retracts out of the way when the stairlift is not in use. Available only for straight rail systems in New Zealand, this creative engineering design offers a fully automatically powered open and close rail system, which folds neatly on top of itself.  
The straight retractable rail is activated automatically by the stairlift itself. As you travel up or down the stairs the rail retracts to leave the doorway or passageway clear, or extends to allow the chair to travel down. When the retractable rails is in motion it warns you both visually and audibly with a small flashing light and beeping sound. As an additional safety feature and to comply with safety standards, the retractable rail can be lifted manually in the case of an emergency.  

Retractable Rail - Full Brochure
Want more information about our chair options?

Outdoor Stairs

Stannah 320 Outdoor Unit

Our Outdoor Stairlift is the perfect solution for straight flights of stairs up to your home or out to your garden.  The outdoor unit has been designed to work all year round so whatever the weather you can get out and about.
Safety Plus – This stairlift detects obstructions and gives you a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs all year round.
Weather Resistant – Dust? Heavy rain? Salty sea air? Not a problem for this stairlift. It even works in the extreme cold and comes with a cover to guard against ice and snow.
Great for Groceries – The seat belt can serve as a cargo strap
for sending groceries upstairs with the remote control.
Out of the Way – This stairlift folds away and you can lock the controls to prevent unauthorized use.

Download the full Outdoor Stairlift brochure

Why Choose Stannah?

As a fifth generation family owned business, Stannah is recognized around the world as the company that brings freedom, returns independence and ensures a sense of safety to anyone who has difficulty overcoming the challenges posed by the stairs (both inside or out) at their home.  
Since Joseph Stannah first began business back in 1867, Stannah has remained a family-owned business and for almost 150 years Stannah have been committed to quality craftsmanship, safety and reliability whilst maintaining “the Customer and their needs” as the primary focus for any installation.

Stannah designs, delivers and installs stairlifts for your peace of mind and security 

 What you can expect from Stannah:
Safety - We design, manufacture and install slim-rail stairlifts to be practical, easy to use and above all, to keep you safe. 
Peace of Mind – Families deserve to know their relatives are safe, secure and have the freedom to move about their entire home with complete independence. 
The Ability to Do What You Love – Inside and outside your home, Stannah stairlifts give you the ability to move about freely and pursue all your interests. 
Freedom in Your Home – It’s your past. It’s where you raised a family. Full of happy memories. It’s where you belong. Stannah gives you the security and independence to stay in your home in complete safety.

Click here to download our checklist - Reasons Stannah is a trusted choice for many other stairlift owners
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